We made a postcard with your work

Want to please your friends or family? We made a postcard for March 8 with our own hands in their own photo albums. You can do this as a gift or as an ornament on the door to a beautiful room. This is how this postcard was made.We took cardboard, we cut out the shapes shown on the photo, and glue them together. We glue the edges of the card on napkins. We also made a few biscuit-shaped elements. This is already a base. We take this cardboard, we glue it to the cardboard on which the card is placed.I chose the middle of all the elements. We glue it with hot glue. We have left it on the windowsill for a few minutes, so that the postcard does not dip.In the upper right, on the very bottom, stands a white ribbon. Stick it in the ribbon, tie it with a knot. Pasted food coloring is also put there, as in the photo above. We found a strong color, so we decided to add it. We cut out the rectangle and cut it out on a napkin.The photo shows that the postcard is framed. That's how it looks in the photo.We glue the postcard to the postcard in the same way that toilet paper is glued. The postcard itself is not only wrapped, but also pasted. Here is such a postcard turned out for us. If you glue a photo to a postcard, it will also turn out to be a cool product cool. We wish you every success and joy to your loved ones from what you do with your own by hand. If you liked it, please subscribe to my blog and we will do some other interesting thing with you.