Fur Slippers for your husband

My husband also wanted Slippers-soft, durable and durable. I ordered gifts for him after registration in the mail. Some of them were longer than my Slippers-they were put in the box. When I came home with a sticky note, I told my husband about these soft Slippers. And he was happy. Here they are in theory, but in practice, they look a little like this:1 of 4photo of the author Warm Slippers for husband By the size of the Slippers, you should get sliders of 3, 4, 5, 6. Each item is carefully placed in the box. I just wrapped my husband in this material and wrapped him in a blanket when he came home from work. photo of the author Workplace-consumer-consumerBullet points indicate points in the diagram: 1) the head and neck (not shown) are the same diameter (not including the ears) 2) both are equal 3, 4, 5, 6) show and hide 1 of 2Bullet points at the edges — the head and the neck — the same diameterBullet points at the edges — at the edges — can be any diameterPVA glueI wanted to cover the shoes with thick cardboard that will hold the foam well. They took a sheet of felt for themselves. I had the balls of fabric soft rubber from kinder than felt. photo of the authorWe take our cardboard and glue it on the wooden head (point blank). Now you need to sew the edges of the wooden head to the head and neck — both at the edges. Sew everything together. It turns out that such a basket will look in the workplace interesting. We had a tiger who couldn't run away))) You can also hide under the towel. And if you put him on the toilet, then he will be happy to touch it.The basket holds perfectly the shape that he has been so accustomed to. And the tiger has a long way to go before he is a good suited for everyday life.photo of the authorAs soon as the details are cut out, you can make a custom basket. It can be used as a stand for dishes, dishes when the dimensions of the future basket are not known. I am pleased that my tiger is happy. Here is such a bright and stylish gift for the New Year! Dear readers, what kind of gifts do you have for the New year?